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Flintlock Rifles for Sale
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David Makes Flintlock Rifles. He is in the process of making several to sell and will have them posted here as soon as they are ready. Stocks are Curly Maple, Wanut, and Cherry.
Although David doesn't take custom orders he does sells the rifles as he makes them.

Here is a rifle he made for his father recently, a .50 caliber Jacob Dickert, Lacaster Co, Pa style rifle.
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My First Rifle. A Cherry Stocked .50 Caliber Flintlock, in the style of Southern Mountain NC Builder Matthew Gillespie. Has a Hand forged Gillespie style trigger guard, and and made 1 piece iron buttplate. This rifle includes a grease hole on the lock side of the butt stock. This rifle was graciously included by Dennis Glazener in is book "Gillespie Rifle Makers of East Fork," look for it on his webpage on our links page.
gillespie-rifle-full.jpg gillespie-rifle-lock-side-small.jpg full-cheek-small.jpg
A "Gillespie Rifle" that David Recently built from Curly Maple, Scraped Finish, not sanded, iron trigger guard & sideplate, Flintlock & NO BUTTPLATE !! Typical of Many Gillespie rifles that still are in great shape. Squared Grease Hole Gives this rifle the charm of an original !!
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