" Behold the Lamb of GOD which taketh away the Sin of the World." John 1: 29
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Plaster Castings $24.99
Tombstone Castings
Original 1754 Tombstone
Thomas Poole's 1754 Obituary

The Hour Glass With Wings shows that “Time Flies.”
The Statement “Yesterday for me & To Day for Thee,” says to the reader

“Yesterday was my day, & Today is your day, but tommorrow will be someone else’s day.” Reader, this was an admonition of the original carver, Henry Emmes of Boston to realise that our lives are short, 250 yrs later this is still true.
This is a Casting of a Hand Carved piece of SLATE carved with a chisel and mallet, in the 18th Century Manner.
-by- J. David Gillespie Stone Cutter, So. Carolina. It is a carved reproduction of an Original Tombstone for Mr Thomas Poole, Sea Captain, (1717-1754) who drowned in the Charlestown SC Harbour, March 1754.
“And, behold, there arose a great tempest in the sea, insomuch that the ship was covered with the waves.” Matt. 8:24
Period Correct for 18th Century!
Very Durable, Lightweight, Gray Color, Exact Detail, comes with Wall Hanger & Info Card. 12" x 6" x 1/2"
Resin Castings $40
White Color, Not as Durable, Great Detail, More Affordable, comes with Info Card.
Drop Spindle Kit- $ 25

Includes Instructional DVD, 2 oz Wool Fiber, and a Top Whorl Drop Spindle that we make.
Very Popluar! Renee is the Instructor on the DVD.
Colonial Pencil- Porte Crayon - $ 12

We make these, an 18th century Period Pencil made of Brass and holds, lead, graphite, soapstone, wax, charcoal, etc.. In a Self Portrait by Rosalba Carrera in 1719, she has one in her hand.
Soapstone Footwarmer & Bedwarmer-
price between $15 - $25 according to size

Copied from original 18th pieces. I cut each of these out with a Hand Saw, and use a rasp to finish them off. A Copper Bail Handle lets you move the warmer without burning hands. Put the warmer near the fire for about 10 minutes and it will stay warm for about 1 hour. You must be your own judge of how warm you want to get it. You can fry and egg on this stuff!
Silk Scarf Hand Dyed with INDIGO by US!!
Approx 33"x33" square $29
Hand Woven Cotton , Hand Dyed with INDIGO by US!!
Approx 13 " x64" rectangle $49

Tea Towels made of Cotton
HAND WOVEN in the SOUTH by a dear friend of ours
Hand Dyed by US with Indigo !!
$20 -$25
Felt Hat Blank -
Brown- $ 42.99 --Black $42.99
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Gold Stork Scissors
Silver Stork Scissors
Teak Wood Folding Knife $8
"A Brief Treatise on Tomb & Grave Stones of the Eighteenth Century," David's New Book is now available for sale! You may "Buy it Now"with Paypal button above for $24.99 plus $4.49 Shipping and Handling!
Sample Page
David's Lecture on Book at SC Powder Magazine ca. 1713
David's Lecture at Monmouth University, Monmouth N.J.
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Felt Hat Blanks

Pewter Spoon from Original Mold
*Ca. 1740 Mold
*Hand Cast by Us!
*Dog Nose, Queen Anne Style
* $24.99 Each
Lord Berkeley Shoes

*Brand New Item!!
*Super High Quality Colonial Leather Shoes
*Thin Weight Wool to cut down on extra heat in summer months
This is the Hat Blank you have been looking for!!
Natural Fibers
Hand Spun Yarns
Spinning Wheel
Slate Tombstones
Flintlock Rifles
Minstrel Banjos
Dough Bowls
Trenchers (plates)
Rolling Pins
Hand Turned Ink Pens
Bread Boards
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our New Instructional DVD's!
Drop Spindles
Indigo Dyed Yard Cloth
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On the Road!
Includes Many Items We Carry in our Tent. Now Are Included in our SQUARE Marketplace Store