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Wood Bowls
Hand Made Wood Bowls, Bread Boards,
Trenchers, & Rolling Pins
James has been chopping out bowls for over 9 years now. He uses Locally Grown and Harvested Pickens County, SC Hardwoods. He begins by cutting the tree into lengths for the bowls, and then sawing the log into slabs on our sawmill. After sawing, the bowl is usually made as soon as possible.

James then takes the bowl blank and draws a outline for the bowl. He then starts taking wood from the inside of the bowl with his bowl adze. The adze is like a hammer with a large gouge at the front that removes big chips of wood. After getting to the inside guideline, he starts on the outside of the bowl. He then cuts away the bulk of the outside of the bowl with a chain saw, hatchet, or his bowl tool, from the outside.
James Gillespie's bowls are each hand made, and not turned on a lathe. Each bowl shows the tool marks giving a testimony to it being a hand made product. Each of his bowls are food safe and make great displays as well as functional tools that should last for many years!
James has recently had a great honor allowed him. Clint Walker, star of the "Cheyenne" show, and star in " The Night of the Grizzly" now has one of James's bowls in his home! To the Right is a CD of Clint Walker's signed...
Click Here to See Clint Walker's Official Website!
Or Please contact James Gillespie if you are interested in purchasing a bowl at (864) 855-0495

Sometimes called a Swedish Salad Bowl
because of its shape. Very "Poplar" style!
Approx 14" Long by 7.5" wide
and 3.5" High
Made 4-29-09
Ask for Bowl #7
bowl1b-small.jpg bowl1-small.jpg

Wider and longer for Making Bread.
Sometimes called a Bread Tray.
Approx 21" Long by 11" wide
and 3.5" High
Made 5-16-09
Ask for Bowl #8
bowl2-small.jpg bowl2-b-small.jpg bowl4-small.jpg bowl4b-small.jpg

Sometimes called a Swedish Salad Bowl
because of its shape. Very "Poplar" style!

5" Deep for a LOT of "Dough"
Approx 21" Long by 11.25" wide
and 5" High
Made 5-11-09
STARTING AT $ 119.00
Ask for Bowl #10

Northern Va Curly Maple, Curl Shows up best on Edges. Quarter in First Picture for Size. Finished by Scraping, and Burnished tough with a Deer Antler to give a Great Sheen! Very Traditional Look and Feel. The Curl can be felt with this Finish!
Approx 16 1/4 " in Diameter and 3" High
Made 6-05-09, STARTING AT $ 145.00, Ask for Bowl #11
curly-bowl-small.jpg curly-2-small.jpg
BOWL Gallery
 ** Note: All Items shown here are already sold. The Pictures though can be used as a guide for another similar bowl. Just ask, and I should be able to make a close copy of it again! Most woods we have a good supply of. Call me for current pricing.
bowl4-small.jpg curly-2-small.jpg
(Colonial Era name for plates)
Poplar 11" in Diameter , Only $ 20
Square Cherry Trencher ( circa 1600-1750)
With 2 Salt Cavities.
Where the term "get a square meal" comes from.

$25 for select hardwoods,
$30 and up for Cherry when available
Rolling Pins
Gunstock quality wood. Proffessional graded blank at grade 6. Very nice piece of Curly Maple. Stripes look better in person.
15" Long by 2 5/8" in Diameter

starting at $42
Please contact James Gillespie for current pricing if you are interested in purchasing a rolling pin at (864) 855-0495 or
Other Rolling Pins start at $20 and up depending on wood and style selection. Call me for your ideas!
Bread Boards
James makes bread boards out of Walnut, Cherry, Oak, Maple, and other woods. Prices start at $20 each. Each board is usually about 11"-12" wide and about 20" long and has a hole to hang up and out of the way. Call James for current wood selection and current pricing.
Local Pickens County Cherry Bread Boards
James Gillespie(864) 855-0495

"New Style" Idea taken from an over 100 year old original bread board, Landis Valley Museum, Lancaster Co, PA .
Local Hardwood Bread Boards
Start at $20 and up
Pumpkintown Primitives